Anthem for Doomed Youth

Read the poem:

Anthem for Doomed Youth Critique

  • Interpret the meaning of the poem
  • Identify major themes and ideas
  • Write a concrete understanding of poem using the following headings:

–       Subject Matter

–       Purpose

–       Mood

–       Themes

  • Now complete a close analysis and deconstruction of poem:


Anthem Bosh Analysis

Consolidate your annotations and understanding in a Specs and Slims:

Eg: Bosh Anthem – SPECS SLIMS

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is onomatoeia so effective in the octave?
  2. What is the tone of Owen’s extended analogy between customary funeral rights and those experienced by the ‘doomed youth’ (begin with title)
  3. How is the tone of the poem varied in the sestet?
  4. What is the meaning and significance of the poem’s concluding image?
  5. How do specific images in this sonnet enhance its general subject?

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